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Ethical Hacking

The Certified Ethical Hacker Course will teach the students about hacking from an entirely practical stand-point following the principle of Doing and Leering. With the complete Laboratory network access, After completing this course candidate will be performing all the steps from scanning the network to testing it critically and finally hacking it LIVE before suggesting the remedial actions. The practical approach gives the student an in-depth knowledge about the hacking tools and techniques. The simulated lab environment will demonstrate how actual hackers percolate through the multi-level defenses of the organization. Apart from the steps of hacking, this course teaches you additionally about the Buffer Overflows, Creating a Virus, DDoS attacks, Intrusion Detection techniques and Social Engineering among others.

Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Information Security Overview.
  • Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors.
  • Hacking Concepts.
  • Hacking Phases .
  • Types of Attacks.
  • Information Security Controls.

Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

  • Footprinting Concepts.
  • Footprinting Threats.
  • Footprinting Methodology.
  • Footprinting through Search Engines.
  • Website Footprinting.
  • Email Footprinting.
  • Competitive Intelligence.
  • Footprinting using Google.
  • WHOIS Footprinting.
  • DNS Footprinting.
  • Network Footprinting.
  • Footprinting through Social Engineering.
  • Footprinting through.
  • Footprinting Tools.

Module 03: Scanning Networks

  • Overview of Network Scanning
  • CEH Scanning Methodology
  • Check for Live Systems
  • Check for Open Ports
  • Scanning Beyond IDS
  • Banner Grabbing
  • Scan for Vulnerability
  • Draw Network Diagrams
  • Prepare Proxies
  • Scanning Pen Testing

Module 04: Enumeration

  • Enumeration Concepts.
  • NetBIOS Enumeration.
  • SNMP Enumeration.
  • UNIX/Linux Enumeration.
  • LDAP Enumeration.
  • NTP Enumeration.
  • NTP Enumeration Commands.

Module 05: System Hacking

  • Cracking Passwords.
  • CEH System Hacking Steps .
  • Escalating Privileges.
  • Executing Applications.
  • Hiding Files.
  • Covering Tracks.

Module 06: Trojans and Backdoors

  • Trojan Concepts
  • Trojan Infection
  • Types of Trojans
  • Trojan Detection
  • Anti-Trojan Software
  • Pen Testing for Trojans and Backdoors

Module 07: Viruses and Worms

  • Virus and Worms Concepts
  • Types of Viruses
  • Computer Worms
  • Malware Analysis
  • Counter-measures
  • Penetration Testing for Virus

Module 08: Sniffers

  • Sniffing Concepts
  • MAC Attacks
  • DHCP Attacks
  • ARP Poisoning
  • Spoofing Attack
  • DNS poisoning
  • Sniffing Tools
  • Sniffing Pen Testing

Module 09: Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering Concepts
  • Types of Social Engineering
  • Types of Social Engineering
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Engineering Countermeasures
  • Social Engineering Pen Testing

Module 10: Denial of Service

  • DoS/DDoS Concepts
  • DoS Attack Techniques
  • Botnet
  • DDoS Case Study
  • DoS Attack Tools
  • Counter-measures
  • DoS/DDoS Protection Tools
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack Penetration Testing

Module 11: Session Hijacking

  • Session Hijacking Concepts
  • Network-level Session Hijacking
  • Session Hijacking Tools
  • Counter-measures
  • Session Hijacking Pen Testing

Module 12: Hacking Webservers

  • Webserver Concepts
  • Webserver Attacks
  • Attack Methodology
  • Webserver Attack Tools
  • Counter-measures
  • Patch Management
  • Webserver Security Tools
  • Webserver Pen Testing

Module 13: Hacking Web Applications

  • Web App Concepts
  • Web App Threats
  • Web App Hacking Methodology
  • Analyze Web Applications
  • Attack Authentication Mechanism
  • Authorization Attack Schemes
  • Attack Session Management Mechanism
  • Perform Injection Attacks
  • Web Application Hacking Tools
  • Countermeasures
  • Security Tools
  • Web App Pen Testing

Module 14: SQL Injection

  • SQL Injection Concepts
  • Testing for SQL Injection
  • Types of SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • SQL Injection Methodology
  • Advanced SQL Injection
  • SQL Injection Tools
  • Evasion Techniques
  • Counter-measures

Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks

  • Wireless Concepts
  • Wireless Encryption
  • Wireless Threats
  • Wireless Hacking Methodology
  • Wi-Fi Discovery
  • GPS Mapping
  • Wireless Traffic Analysis
  • Launch Wireless Attacks
  • Crack Wi-Fi Encryption
  • Wireless Hacking Tools
  • Bluetooth Hacking
  • Counter-measures
  • Wireless Security Tools
  • Wi-Fi Pen Testing

Module 16: Hacking Mobile Platforms

  • Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
  • Hacking Android OS
  • Android Device Tracking Tools
  • Hacking iOS
  • Hacking Windows Phone OS
  • Guidelines for Securing Windows OS Devices
  • Hacking BlackBerry
  • Blackberry Spyware: FinSpy Mobile
  • Guidelines for Securing BlackBerry Devices
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools
  • Mobile Pen Testing

Module 17: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

  • IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Concepts
  • IDS, Firewall and Honeypot System
  • Evading IDS
  • Evading Firewalls
  • Detecting Honeypots
  • Firewall Evading Tools
  • Countermeasures
  • Penetration Testing

Module 18: Buffer Overflow

  • Buffer Overflow Concepts
  • Buffer Overflow Examples
  • Buffer Overflow Detection
  • Buffer Overflow Counter-measures
  • Buffer Overflow Security Tools
  • Buffer Overflow Penetration Testing

Module 19: Cryptography

  • Cryptography Concepts
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • Cryptography Tools
  • Public Key Infrastructure(PKI)
  • Email Encryption
  • Disk Encryption
  • Cryptography Attacks
  • Cryptanalysis Tools

Module 20: Penetration Testing

  • Pen Testing Concepts
  • Types of Pen Testing
  • Pen Testing Techniques
  • Pen Testing Phases
  • Pen Testing Roadmap
  • Outsourcing Pen Testing Services

Skill-set required -> First and foremost is the ability to write programmers in many programming languages like C, C++, Perl, Python, and Ruby. For those working with web applications, Microsoft .NET and PHP are vital. Knowledge of assembly language is also essential for those who want to analysis disassembled binaries. Knowledge of a variety of operating systems (Microsoft Windows, various versions of Linux, etc) is critical. Experience with various network devices, including switches, routers and firewalls is also important. An ethical hacker also should have a basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols such as SMTP, ICMP and HTTP. In addition to technical skills, an ethical hacker needs good soft skills. Perhaps the most important skill, however, is adaptability. When testing software and systems, ethical hackers never know what will come up, so the ability to be resourceful is vital.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training Syllabus - Web & Mobile Apps

1. Introduction to Cyber Security and Cyber Security principles

  • Information Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking
  • Cover the CIAAA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Authorization and Availability) in depth, enabling the audience to gain and appreciation for their importance, brideging it to their business impact if compromised.
    • Cyber Security framework
    • Cyber Security standards
  • Cover basic access control models. (DAC, MAC, Bella-La-Padulla, U.S.
  • Military Data Classification models etc.).

3. Cyber Security in Software Architecture

  • Identity management
  • Authentication
  • authorization
  • Logging and auditing
  • Maturity models

5. Web Application Cyber Security

  • Securing Authentication
  • Securing Session Management
  • Securing Access Control
  • Avoiding Malicious Input Control
  • Securing Cryptography at Rest
  • Secure Error Handling and Logging
  • Data Protection
  • Communication Security
  • HTTP Security
  • Malicious Controls
  • Business Logic Security
  • Securing Files and Resources

7. Mobile Application Security

  • OWASP Mobile top 10 for Mobile- Just cover these in detail. Give examples of where these were exploited and the degree of harm they caused.
  • For Android – Give a glimpse of the Open Android Security Assessment Methodology
    • Cyber Security model in Android platform
    • Identifying and testing for cyber security flaws
  • For iOS – Give a glimpse of the iOS Application Security
    • Cyber Security model in iOS platform
    • Identifying and Testing for cyber security flaws

9. Mobile Application Primer

  • Coding Practices
  • Handling Sensitive Data
  • Caching and Logging
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Servers

11. Database

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Common Database Attacks
  • Pentesting MSSQL Databases
  • Pentesting Oracle Databases
  • PentestingMysql Database
  • Pentesting Mongo Database
  • Securing Databases

2. Cyber Security Software Development Lifecycle

  • Integrating cyber security into software development lifecycle
  • About Secure SDLC
  • Cyber Security in Agile environments
  • DevOps Security

4. Cryptography and Common Protocols

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography
  • Hashing and MAC
  • SSL/TLS – This should be top priority. Merge this with the idea of HTTPS. Explain the protocol.
  • Cover Public key infrastructure.
  • Properly implement transport-level security in software
  • Password security
  • Key management – (Cover recommendations of FIPS 140-2)

6. API Security Testing

  • Overview of APIs
  • Types of API
  • API testing
  • Test Harness
  • Requirement of Command Line Tools or scripting
  • Web API testing
  • Web Services API Testing
  • Challenges of API Testing
  • Best Practices in the API Testing
  • Case study
  • API test tools-SOAPUI

8. SAST And DAST in Mobile Security Testing

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

10. Cloud Application

  • Introduction
  • Cloud Benefits
  • Different types of cloud
  • Cloud Adoption stages
  • Applications Deployed in the Cloud
  • Cloud top ten risks

12. Network

  • Introduction
  • Kali Linux
  • Bash Environment
  • Port Scanning
  • The Essential Tools
  • Wireshark
  • Buffer Overflow  And Exploitation
  • Working With Exploits
  • Transferring Files
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Port Fun
  • Exploit Frameworks
  • Password Attacks
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Ethical Hacking Training

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Last year ethical hacking was estimated to be a US$ 3.8 billion industry in the US alone. According to Nasscom, India will require at least 77,000 ethical hackers every year whereas we are producing only 15,000 in a year, currently. Ethical hacking is growing at a tremendous pace and offers a plethora of lucrative job opportunities.


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