; UI UX Design

UI UX Design

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Learn by working on Hands-on Real Time UI Projects Demo Project 1 Create you Own Website Design
Learn how to create Dynamic Responsive and beautifully designed SEO ready website, Writing your first HTML code,Applying the styles in the CSS to the HTML, Starting your CSS (cascading style sheet).
Live Project Create an Mobile App Design for Android and iPhone
Demo Project 3 Software Application to track and maintain Business Data
The purpose of this project was to Project 4 Wordpress Installation and Basic Development
Learn how to Create a free website or build a blog with ease on WordPress.com. Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes Available to choose from.
UI UX Design

UI UX Design

Visual Effects-VFX

What Is UI/Web Development?

  • 1. What is web how it works?
  • 2. What is UI Development?
  • 3. Basic overview of application architecture
  • 4. Key elements and technologies in UI
  • Development

    UXD Overview

  • 1. Strategy
  • 2. Scope
  • 3. Structure
  • 4. Skeleton
  • 5. Surface
  • 6. Misc(Wireframe, Information Arc, Interaction Design, Accessibility, Usability etc)
  • UI Design Html/Html 5 Elements

  • 1. What is html?
  • a. What is tags and elements
  • b. What is attributes
  • 2. Purpose of html
  • 3. Html Document anatomy
  • 4. Html Validation
  • 5. More about Doc types
  • 6. Html Document Head
  • a. Title
  • b. Meta tag
  • c. Charset
  • d. Style tag
  • e. Script tag
  • f. Link tag
  • g. Base tag
  • h. Complete overview of head
  • 7. Html Body
  • a. Content types/ Data types
  • b. What is Semantic?
  • c. Block vs Inline elements
  • d. Text format
  • i. Display different type of text content
  • ii. Header tags
  • iii. White spaces
  • iv. Formatting etc
  • e. Html entities
  • f. Links
  • i. Anchor tags
  • ii. Target, title attributes
  • iii. Relative vs Absolute
  • iv. Id links and External id links
  • v. Access Keys ………
  • g. Html Lists
  • i. Unordered list
  • ii. Ordered list
  • iii. Definition list
  • iv. Nested list
  • h. Table
  • i. Table structure
  • ii. Semantic Table structure
  • iii. Rows – Columns
  • iv. Col Span
  • v. Row Span
  • vi. Cell padding, Cell spacing
  • vii. Borders and formatting table
  • i. Images and objects
  • i. Embedding images
  • ii. Working with Transparent images
  • iii. Embedding Video audio
  • 1. Object tag with params
  • 2. Html5 video audio embedding system
  • 3. Browser compatibility issues and how to over come
  • j. Html forms
  • i. Form tag
  • ii. Input types
  • iii. Accessible forms
  • k. URL Encoding
  • l. Layouts and semantic html layout structure
  • m. Usability & Accessibility standards
  • n. Creating pure html template
  • o. Conditional statements
  • p. Improve Performance
  • q. HTML 4 vs HTML 5
  • What are JS Frameworks? / JQuery

  • 1. What is JQeury?
  • 2. Embedding JQuery to html documents
  • 3. Jquery Selectors
  • 4. Jquery Css
  • 5. Jquery Dimensions
  • 6. Manipulation
  • 7. Traversing
  • 8. Jquery Events
  • 9. Jquery Effects
  • 10. Ajax
  • 11. Data manipulation from Dynamic sources
  • 12. Services
  • a. REST
  • b. SOAP overview
  • 13. Form Validation
  • 14. Project With JQuery
  • 15. Plugins
  • 16. Exploring Jquery UI


  • 1. What is css?
  • 2. Types of css
  • 3. Syntax
  • 4. Selectors
  • 5. Colours
  • 6. Lengths & Percentages
  • 7. Formatting html elements
  • 8. Css box model
  • 9. Grouping
  • 10. Nesting
  • 11. Pseudo classes and elements
  • 12. Floats
  • 13. Display property
  • 14. Positions
  • 15. Layers
  • 16. Background images
  • 17. Shorthand properties
  • 18. Css specificity
  • 19. Css 3 new features
  • a. Rounded corners
  • b. Gradients
  • c. Embedding fonts
  • d. Transitions
  • e. Miscellaneous other features
  • 20. Layouts
  • a. Fixed layouts
  • b. Fluid Layouts
  • c. RWD
  • d. UCD
  • e. Discussing other layout types
  • 21. Working with project
  • 22. Embedding Fonts
  • 23. Media queries
  • 24. RWD
  • a. What is RWD
  • b. RWD View ports
  • c. RWD Videos/Images
  • d. Working with RWD project with core technologies
  • e. RWD Frameworks Overview
  • 25. Improving Performance
  • 26. Optimizing css
  • 27. Css Browser Hacks
  • 28. Compatibility issues and how to solve
  • Bootstrap RWD Framework

  • 1. What is bootstrap?
  • 2. Exploring bootstrap
  • a. Layout system
  • b. Grid system
  • c. Components
  • d. Exploring all other features
  • 3. Creating Project with bootstrap
  • DOM

  • 1. What is Dom?
  • 2. Working with dom?
  • 3. Dom structure
  • 4. Traversing Dom
  • 5. Working on CRUD with DOM
  • Angular Js

  • 1. What is Angular Js?
  • 2. Exploring Angular Features
  • 3. What is MVC Architecture?
  • 4. Angular MV* Structure
  • 5. Directives
  • 6. Expressions
  • 7. Controllers
  • 8. Filters
  • 9. Other DOM Activities with Angular
  • 10. Components
  • 11. Angular Module
  • 12. Ajax
  • 13. Angular modules overview
  • 14. Angular Project modular based with latest APP architecture.
  • 15. Varies App structure overview
  • Node js

  • 1. Node Js Fundamentals
  • 2. Application Environment setup with Node , Bower etc

  • 1. Exploring HTML5 new features
  • 2. GEO Location
  • 3. Drag/Drop
  • 4. Local Storage
  • 5. App Cache
  • 6. WEB Workers
  • 7. SSE


  • 1. Data types
  • a. Numbers
  • b. Strings
  • c. Boolean
  • d. Undefined
  • e. Null
  • f. Arrays
  • g. Objects
  • 2. Variables
  • 4. Operators
  • a. Arithmetic operators
  • b. Comparison operators
  • c. Logical operators
  • d. Assignment operators
  • e. Conditional operator
  • 5. Conditional Statements
  • a. If , if else, if else if
  • b. Switch
  • 6. Loops
  • a. While loop
  • b. Do while loop
  • c. For loop (Advance concepts how to optimize)
  • d. For in loop (will be discussed in objects)
  • 7. Functions
  • a. Defining function
  • i. Types of defining functions and types of calling functions
  • ii. Function statements
  • b. Working parameters
  • i. Passing params to functions
  • ii. Working with ‘N’ number of params
  • iii. Special Arguments array
  • c. Return statements
  • d. Anonymous functions
  • e. Nested functions
  • f. Function that return functions
  • g. Self-invoking functions
  • h. Literal functions
  • i. Scopes
  • j. Lexical scope
  • k. Closures
  • l. Closures in Loop
  • 8. Objects /Prototype & patterns (Object oriented javascript)
  • a. What is objects?
  • b. Defining Objects?
  • c. Properties and methods
  • d. Inheritance
  • e. Prototype
  • f. Js patterns
  • i. Singleton pattern
  • ii. Constructor pattern
  • iii. Discussing about other patterns
  • g. Linking objects with another object
  • h. Accessing other object properties and methods
  • i. Data Structures
  • j. Application Data Structures
  • k. Looking into other frame works (special topic)
  • 9. Arrays
  • a. Defining arrays
  • b. Exploring arrays properties
  • c. Exploring array methods
  • d. Working with multi-dimensional arrays
  • e. Looping array data
  • f. More Advanced concepts in Arrays and array methods
  • 10. Javascript Built in Functions and objects
  • a. String
  • b. Date
  • c. Math
  • d. Regex . . .
  • e. BOM, DOM, Window,
  • 11. Events
  • a. Exploring event types
  • b. Binding events
  • c. Optimal way of attaching events
  • d. Event Phases
  • i. Capturing
  • ii. Bubbling
  • iii. Targeting
  • e. Event Delegation
  • f. Prevent Default
  • g. Stop propagation
  • h. Stop immediate propagation
  • i. Exploring other event methods
  • 12. Working with timeout functions
  • 13. Ajax with Core javascript
  • 14. Form handling with javascript
  • 15. Working with Core javascript project
  • 16. Cookies
  • 17. Error Handling
  • 18. Debugging
  • 19. JS Miscellaneous
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UI UX Design

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IT Career

UI UX Design Training Benefits for

Students / Fresher

  • UI developers Designers are in high demand today
  • Get a job in IT Companies
  • Can able to make websites like facebook, flipkart etc.
  • Scope of ui deisgn Course is Fantastis and Growing in demand

Working Professionals

  • Biggest benefit in learning UI web Developer is that you will be able to make $15 to $20/hour doing coding as a freelancer
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  • Any web Application is built using UI Front end tools
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I have attended manual testing training. The faculty was very good and he explained all the concepts of manual testing with real time scenario. I also got support in developing my own Project. They taking care of the students for placements.Overall experience in Blend Infotech is very good.


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